All about resource aws:ec2:volume.


  • attachments (nested[]): Information about the volume attachments.
    • attach_time (date): The time stamp when the attachment initiated.
    • delete_on_termination (boolean): Indicates whether the EBS volume is deleted on instance termination.
    • device (string): The device name.
    • state (string): The attachment state of the volume. Allowed values: attaching, attached, detaching, detached, busy, null
    • >instance (aws:ec2:instance): The instance
    • >volume (aws:ec2:volume): The volume
  • availability_zone (string): The Availability Zone for the volume.
  • create_time (date): The time stamp when volume creation was initiated.
  • encrypted (boolean): Indicates whether the volume is encrypted.
  • fast_restored (boolean): Indicates whether the volume was created using fast snapshot restore.
  • iops (number): The number of I/O operations per second (IOPS) that the volume supports.
  • multi_attach_enabled (boolean): Indicates whether Amazon EBS Multi-Attach is enabled.
  • outpost_arn (string): The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Outpost.
  • region (string): The AWS region.
  • size (number): The size of the volume, in GiBs.
  • state (string): The volume state. Allowed values: creating, available, in-use, deleting, deleted, error, null
  • tags (key_value[]): Any tags assigned to the volume.
  • volume_id (string): The ID of the volume.
  • volume_type (string): The volume type. Allowed values: standard, io1, gp2, sc1, st1, null
  • >snapshot (aws:ec2:snapshot): The snapshot from which the volume was created, if applicable

Last modified January 1, 0001