Route Table

All about resource aws:ec2:route_table.


  • associations (nested[]): The associations between the route table and one or more subnets or a gateway.
    • state (string): The state of the association. Allowed values: associating, associated, disassociating, disassociated, failed, null
    • main (boolean): Indicates whether this is the main route table.
    • route_table_association_id (string): The ID of the association.
    • >gateway (aws:ec2:internet_gateway): The internet gateway or virtual private gateway
    • >route_table (aws:ec2:route_table): The route table
    • >subnet (aws:ec2:subnet): The subnet
  • owner_id (string): The ID of the AWS account that owns the route table.
  • propagating_gateway (string[]): Any virtual private gateway (VGW) propagating routes.
  • region (string): The AWS region.
  • route_table_id (string): The ID of the route table.
  • routes (nested[]): The routes in the route table.
    • destination_cidr_block (string): The IPv4 CIDR block used for the destination match.
    • destination_ipv6_cidr_block (string): The IPv6 CIDR block used for the destination match.
    • destination_prefix_list_id (string): The prefix of the AWS service.
    • instance_owner_id (string): The AWS account ID of the owner of the instance.
    • origin (string): Describes how the route was created. Allowed values: CreateRouteTable, CreateRoute, EnableVgwRoutePropagation, null
    • state (string): The state of the route. Allowed values: active, blackhole, null
    • >egress_only_internet_gateway (aws:ec2:internet_gateway): The egress-only internet gateway
    • >gateway (aws:ec2:internet_gateway): The gateway attached to your VPC
    • >instance (aws:ec2:instance): The ID of a NAT instance in your VPC
    • >local_gateway (aws:ec2:local_gateway): The local gateway
    • >nat_gateway (aws:ec2:nat_gateway): The NAT gateway
    • >network_interface (aws:ec2:network_interface): The network interface
    • >transit_gateway (aws:ec2:transit_gateway): The transit gateway
    • >vpc_peering_connection (aws:ec2:vpc_peering_connection): The VPC peering connection
  • tags (key_value[]): Any tags assigned to the route table.
  • >vpc (aws:ec2:vpc): The ID of the VPC

Last modified January 1, 0001