Network ACL

All about resource aws:ec2:network_acl.


  • entries (nested[]): One or more entries (rules) in the network ACL.
    • cidr_block (string): The IPv4 network range to allow or deny, in CIDR notation.
    • egress (boolean): Indicates whether the rule is an egress rule.
    • icmp_type_code (number): The ICMP code. A value of -1 means all codes for the specified ICMP type.
    • ipv6_cidr_block (string): The IPv6 network range to allow or deny, in CIDR notation.
    • port_range (nested): TCP or UDP protocols: The range of ports the rule applies to.
      • from (number): The first port in the range.
      • to (number): The last port in the range.
    • protocol (string): The protocol number. A value of “-1” means all protocols.
    • rule_action (string): Indicates whether to allow or deny the traffic that matches the rule. Allowed values: allow, deny, null
  • is_default (boolean): Indicates whether this is the default network ACL for the VPC.
  • network_acl_id (string): The ID of the network ACL.
  • owner_id (string): The ID of the AWS account that owns the network ACL.
  • region (string): The AWS region.
  • tags (key_value[]): Any tags assigned to the network ACL.
  • >subnets (aws:ec2:subnet[]): The subnet
  • >vpc (aws:ec2:vpc): The VPC for the network ACL

Last modified January 1, 0001