Amazon Machine Image

All about resource aws:ec2:image.


  • architecture (string): The architecture of the image. Allowed values: i386, x86_64, arm64, null
  • block_device_mappings (nested[]): Any block device mapping entries.
    • device_name (string): The device name.
    • ebs (nested): Parameters used to automatically set up EBS volumes when the instance is launched.
      • delete_on_termination (boolean): Indicates whether the EBS volume is deleted on instance termination.
      • encrypted (boolean): Indicates whether the encryption state of an EBS volume is changed while being restored from a backing snapshot.
      • iops (number): The number of I/O operations per second (IOPS) that the volume supports.
      • volume_size (number): The size of the volume, in GiB.
      • volume_type (string): The volume type. Allowed values: standard, io1, gp2, sc1, st1, null
      • >snapshot (aws:ec2:snapshot): The ID of the snapshot
    • virtual_name (string): The virtual device name.
  • creation_date (date): The date and time the image was created.
  • ena_support (boolean): Flag indicating ENA support.
  • hypervisor (string): The hypervisor type of the image. Allowed values: ovm, xen, null
  • image_id (string): The ID of the AMI.
  • image_location (string): The location of the AMI.
  • type (string): The type of image. Allowed values: machine, kernel, ramdisk, null
  • kernel_id (string): The kernel associated with the image, if any. Only applicable for machine images.
  • name (string): The name of the AMI that was provided during image creation.
  • owner_id (string): The AWS account ID of the image owner.
  • platform (string): This value is set to ‘windows’ for Windows AMIs; otherwise, it is blank. Allowed values: Windows, null
  • product_codes (nested[]): Any product codes associated with the AMI.
    • id (string): The product code.
    • type (string): The type of product code. Allowed values: devpay, marketplace, null
  • public_launch_permissions (boolean): Indicates whether the image has public launch permissions.
  • region (string): The AWS region.
  • root_device_name (string): The device name of the root device volume.
  • root_device_type (string): The type of root device used by the AMI. Allowed values: ebs, instance-store, null
  • sriov_net_support (string): Specifies whether enhanced networking with the Intel 82599 Virtual Function interface is enabled.
  • state (string): State of the image. Allowed values: pending, available, invalid, deregistered, transient, failed, error, null
  • tags (key_value[]): Any tags assigned to the image.
  • virtualization_type (string): The type of virtualization of the AMI. Allowed values: hvm, paravirtual, null

Last modified January 1, 0001