VPC Flow Log

All about resource aws:ec2:flow_log.


  • creation_time (date): The date and time the flow log was created.
  • deliver_logs_error_message (string): Information about the error that occurred.
  • deliver_logs_permission_arn (string): The ARN of the IAM role that posts logs to CloudWatch Logs.
  • deliver_logs_status (string): The status of the logs delivery.
  • flow_log_id (string): The flow log ID.
  • flow_log_status (string): The status of the flow log.
  • log_destination (string): Specifies the destination to which the flow log data is published.
  • log_destination_type (string): Specifies the type of destination to which the flow log data is published. Allowed values: cloud-watch-logs, s3, null
  • log_format (string): The format of the flow log record.
  • log_group_name (string): The name of the flow log group.
  • max_aggregation_interval (number): The maximum interval of time, in seconds, during which a flow of packets is captured and aggregated into a flow log record.
  • region (string): The AWS region.
  • resource_id (string): The ID of the resource on which the flow log was created.
  • tags (key_value[]): The tags for the flow log.
  • traffic_type (string): The type of traffic captured for the flow log. Allowed values: ACCEPT, REJECT, ALL, null

Last modified January 1, 0001