Global Table

All about resource aws:dynamodb:global_table.


  • creation_date (date): The creation time of the global table.
  • table_arn (string): The unique identifier of the global table.
  • table_name (string): The global table name.
  • table_status (string): The current state of the global table. Allowed values: CREATING, ACTIVE, DELETING, UPDATING, null
  • replicas (nested[]): The Regions where the global table has replicas.
    • global_secondary_indexes (nested[]): Replica-specific global secondary index settings.
      • index_name (string): The name of the global secondary index.
      • provisioned_throughput_override (nested): If not described, uses the source table GSI’s read capacity settings.
        • read_capacity_units (number): Replica-specific read capacity units.
    • provisioned_throughput_override (nested): Replica-specific provisioned throughput.
      • read_capacity_units (number): Replica-specific read capacity units.
    • region (string): The name of the Region.
    • replica_status (string): The current state of the replica. Allowed values: CREATING, CREATION_FAILED, UPDATING, DELETING, ACTIVE, null
    • replica_progress (string): Specifies the progress of a Create, Update, or Delete action on the replica as a percentage.
  • tags (key_value[]): The tags attached to the table.

Last modified January 1, 0001